Real-world examples of addressed challenges and its solutions


Customer: Opportunity Network. London. Networking start-up

Challenge: Setting up a scalable analytics platform as enabler for quick growth and consistent decision making

Solution: standardization and data modeling of multiple SaaS sources using ELT approach in a cloud DWH. PowerBI on top of it as reporting an analysis tool creating a cost-efficient and auto-scalable platform.

#analytics #cloud #quickgrowth #scalableplatform


Customer: Estabanell Energia. Spain. Power sector

Challenge: Understanding customer behavior and increasing profitability by having a better consumption forecast and standardize financial planning on hour level. Setting up a tech infrastructure able to handle efficiently huge volumes of data.

Solution: enriching official REE files with weather, special events calendar, etc in a cloud and auto-scalable data platform crossing this data with the internal invoicing software and real+estimated consumption curves.

#bigdata#cloud #forecast #consumptionestimation


Customer: LC Packaging. The Netherlands. Wholesale

Challenge: Enabling internal sales team and customers with added value insights in order to make better informed decisions. Team was distributed across more than 14 LC sites and traveling most of their time.

Solution: Deployment and roll-out of a mobile-first analytical platform enabling internal consumption and data sharing with 3rd parties such as customers or partners. This data solution was key in multiple business areas like:

  • Procurement: Stock control and re-ordering points

  • Logistics: Efficient container planning - full capacity

  • Finance: Price indexation and dollar coverage calculation

#mobilefirst #analytics #dataplatform #datadrivenorganization